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Estudio Gabardini Abogados

Partners and Associates


The main assets of ESTUDIO GABARDINI ABOGADOS are its attorneys. Our team is formed by a solid group of professionals with recognized experience in law and economics. Thus, the legal advice is complemented with the know-how of business at a regional and national level.

Also, the constant interrelation with experts from the business, academic and political worlds allows the Firm to have a permanent update of knowledge and an active and plural presence in the more dynamic social environments.

Under these premises ESTUDIO GABARDINI ABOGADOS is thought to be one of the most professional and dynamic teams of attorneys of the Province of Chaco and the northeastern region of Argentina.

:: Partners

GABARDINI, Eduardo Rodolfo
Attorney, UNNE 1965.
Chair of Banco de la Nación Argentina 2000-2003. Coordinating Minister of the Cabinet of the Executive Power of the Province of Chaco 1997-1999. Chairman of the Professional Board of Attorneys of Chaco, 1983-1985. Member of the Board of Magistracy 1986-1988. Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Federation of Bar Association (Federación Argentina de Colegios de Abogados), 1989-1991. Co-judge of the Superior Court of Justice of the Province of Chaco. Chief attorney of Banco del Chaco S.E.M. 1981-1982. Secretary of the General Paralegal Department of the Superior Court of Justice of the Province of Chaco 1965-1966. Secretary of the Court of First Instance 1966-1968. Legal adviser and Proxy of Highway Administration (Dirección de Vialidad) of Chaco, 1968-1977. Proxy of the National Highway Administration (Dirección de Vialidad Nacional), 1969-1980.

Attorney, UNNE 1997
Master's degree in Legal Advice on Businesses (Universidad Austral, 1998 -1999) Especialization in "European Union and Mercosur Community Law", Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, 2002). Member of the Association of European Lawyers (AEL).
Publications: "Subcategorización de Acreedores", 2003, El Derecho, 200-987

:: Associates

GABARDINI, Mario Roberto
Attorney, UNNE 1991.
Associate of the firm since 1991, in charge of the office located in Corrientes.

VALDES, Federico
Attorney, UNNE 2004
Associate of the firm since 2006.
Legal adviser in the fields of Technological Links and Productive Innovation, and University International Cooperation of UNNE (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste). Member of the Argentine Board of Adjective Law. Graduate student working in Class B of Civil Adjective Law of the Law School (UNNE).

:: Criminal Consultant

FRACCHIA, Fernando Américo
University: UNNE (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste) 1970
PhD in Legal and Social Sciences. UNL (Universidad Nacional del Litoral) 1972.

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